Synology Drive Client 3.2.0 – 13258 Update has a Problem

As quite a lot of people have noticed already (e.g. here) the Synology Drive Client 3.2.0 – 13258 Update has a problem. After the update it is crashing silently all the time on my Macs. The advice from the Synology support to re-install the Drive client from scratch may be constructive but is quite tedious if you have a lot of shares configured (as for me). A hint in the above mentioned forum lead to the solution.

Obviously the password of the stored connection to the Synology NAS is corrupt after the update. Since the Drive client crashes very soon after startup the best procedure to restore the correct password is the following:

  1. Turn off LAN/WLAN to prohibit access to the NAS and to avoid the crash.
  2. Start the Synology Drive client. It will not crash.
  3. Re-enter the correct password(s) in the settings of the connection(s).
  4. Turn on LAN/WLAN.
  5. And everything is fine.

Good luck.

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