Trusted Domains in NextCloud

Recently I installed NextCloud as a common storage for our choir on some hosted server. Everything worked fine beside the usual little problems during installation procedures. Also my fellow choir members were quite happy with new system but a few of them were complaining that they could not login to the NextCloud. The error message they got was something like „Access through untrusted domain“. Well, I could not imagine what happened here. The SSL certificate was correctly installed and valid. And why did it happen only to a few of them and not all?

After some Internet research I had the feeling that it must have something to do with the „trusted domains“ configuration in NextCloud. But here there was no obvious error: I installed NextCloud on our server for the domain

and that was also listed in the config. I asked my choir fellow who had made that observation for a screenshot and then I saw the problem. He accessed the NextCloud through

I was assuming that this should be ok as well as most web server configurations handle both domains similarly but that’s apparently not the case for NextCloud.

So, I added that domain in the config.php of NextCloud:

and everything is fine now.

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